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Exclusive Saddle Pad by *Vanille & Co

2 250 kr

This exclusive, beautiful and functional saddle pad is handmade from a local Swedish sheep farm in Moheda, Småland. The pad is made from sheep skin but could also be reinforced with melton fabric, known for its sustainability and stability. Melton fabric is also washable. This pad can be custom made according to your requirements but standard size is for a saddle between 17 -17,5 inches.


Since the pad is handmade and therefore unique, there are color variations.

This product is an order item and will be produced after your order. Estimated delivery is 2-4 weeks after order date. If you have special requirements for your pad, please email: directly after your order.

*Vanille & Co is a Swedish eco-friendly company which produce environmental friendly and sustainable products for an equestrian lifestyle. 

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